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Reusable Packaging and Pallets for Defense and Aerospace Components

Every aspect of defense and aerospace manufacturing is subject to the most rigid specifications. That can make your margins even tighter. Reusable, durable plastic dunnage, shipping and storage containers can help.

Plastic shipping trays and pallets can save you money. Lightweight and reusable, they:

  • Reduce your overall dunnage investment
  • Dramatically reduce disposal costs
  • Can cost less to ship

More importantly, they offer superior protection:

  • To the parts, through custom designs that more effectively protect parts and assemblies
  • To manufacturing facilities, because they are easier to clean, don’t damage equipment and don’t harbor pests
  • To employees, because they are lighter in weight and don’t have sharp fasteners


Robinson Industries has created reusable plastic shipping containers for a variety of defense applications. We can do the same for you. Contact us to find out how.