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Types of Pallets

Types of pallets

When most people think of pallets, they think of the standard wood skid. But there are countless kinds of pallets — many unique to the product within them. We’d like you to know more about the different kinds of pallets — and which type is best for you.

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers for Produce     

Many grocers, farmers and food processing companies use custom plastic pallets for perishable items. Every shopper has seen stacks of pallets and containers filled with fruits, vegetables and meats at local grocery stores. These consumers may wonder why custom plastic pallets are favored for perishable product delivery over wood crates.

Customized Plastic Pallets    

Some businesses may not realize that there are multiple costs associated with shipping that aren't widely advertised. The good news is custom plastic packaging can help reduce these expenses.

Structural Foam Plastic Pallets     

There have been rapid advancements in injection molding technology that allow greater customization by manufacturers. These advancements have allowed companies to speed up injection molding without sacrificing product quality during mass production. Managers and engineers who want to purchase plastic structural foam pallets should understand the process of injection molding.

Reusable Plastic Bins     

There are plenty of shipping companies and retailers that have switched to reusable plastic bins and plastic pallets due to environmental concerns. These businesses understand that natural resources wasted on shipping materials will lead to higher prices for other raw materials. Any business that is skeptical about the value of plastic bins and containers should look at the average life of a wood crate before making a decision.

Reusable Containers     

Warehouses benefit when they find ways to incorporate reusable containers into non-shipping operations. There are plastic pallets that need to be recycled due to changes in product dimensions and shipping needs. These containers are reusable outside of the warehouse environment to squeeze more value out of shipping pallet purchases.

Reusable Plastic Crates     

Large corporations around the world tout reusable transport packaging as a critical tool for success. These businesses have cut shipping costs, protected products from damage during shipments, and improved corporate sustainability with simple plastic containers. Businesses of all sizes should look at reusable transport packaging as a part of long-term corporate planning.

Stackable Nestable Pallets for International Shipments   

The Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics has published a report that should encourage businesses to seek reusable plastic packaging. The 2007 shipping report indicates a growth in total shipping traffic and a shift toward Southeast Asia that makes reusable plastic packaging ideal. When making packaging decisions, it would be wise to read this report and then maximize the use of stackable and nestable pallets and containers for international shipments.

Recyclable Pallets

Domestic shipping companies, manufacturers, warehouses, and retailers are using recyclable plastic pallets to cut costs while protecting merchandise. There are more than two billion pallets used within the United States each year with a growing proportion constructed out of durable plastic. It is important for domestic businesses to learn about the nation's internal shipping infrastructure to fully understand the tremendous benefits obtained by switching from wood to recyclable plastic containers.

Packaging Options for Safe Product Delivery

Many products such as computers, televisions and car engines are shipped in packaging materials to withstand jostling during domestic and international shipments. These products could easily be damaged before arriving at their destinations if they were left on open pallets. Each worker involved in packaging and shipping needs to be trained to take proper care when handling items for shipment.

Export Pallets

Businesses that want to export products throughout the world should consider using plastic shipping containers. Plastic containers and pallets are strong enough to protect consumable goods without the high cost of using wooden shipping materials. Agribusiness firms, automotive companies, electronics, solar panels and aerospace manufacturers, to name a few, need plastic shipping containers due to the delicate nature of their products. 

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