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Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging

Reusable pallets and packaging are “green.” After all, the more one gets used, the fewer resources used in making its replacements. And plastic pallets are far more durable than most others. That durability also has an impact on the other kind of “green.” It saves you money. Learn more about the benefits of reusable packaging here.

Custom Plastic Packaging     

The growth in custom plastic packaging orders by businesses has been spurred by concerns over supply and shipping costs. There are approximately two billion pallets used within the United States each year and plenty of empty containers are lost in transit. Businesses that want to keep their plastic packaging in the right hands can request different identification tools from designers.

Transitioning to Thermoformed Plastic Containers     

Any company that is switching to thermoformed packaging should allow some time for the transition process. Importers and exporters that move thousands of plastic pallets each month cannot flip the switch to thermoformed packaging overnight, but most find that the transition is quite easy with a little advance planning. There are several steps that shippers can take to facilitate the shift to plastic pallets from traditional wood crates.

Sustainable Plastic Packaging     

Returnable plastic pallets should be a major component in any company’s sustainability program. Many businesses look at material recycling and smarter shipping processes to ensure sustainability in the future. The returnable plastic pallet can be the main asset for any company looking to decrease environmental impact.

Reusable Pallets     

Businesses can cut their costs by replacing wood pallets in their warehouses with reusable pallets. Every business should know that these investments require tracking and analysis to determine cost efficiency, but rest assured, a cost benefit will be realized - usually in a six to twelve month period.

The typical plastic pallet can save a growing business thousands of dollars each business year. The following factors make reusable containers more valuable to shippers than wood pallets:

  • Decreased labor on special packaging
  • Reduced time spent with inspectors
  • Easy conversion from shipping to long-term storage
  • Reduced cost on landfills and dumpsters
  • Greatly reduced cost on replacement pallets
  • Fewer workers comp days due to finger and eye injuries from splinters

Place Reusable Containers in Economic Context

Most companies find it difficult to ship customized products with wood crates. These crates have finite dimensions that require extra handling time by warehouse workers. Reusable containers can be customized during production to fit perfectly with standard and nonstandard items.

State, federal and international inspectors take less time to inspect reusable plastic containers than wood containers. Plastic pallets can be stacked evenly with product labels pointed outward to help inspectors check shipping manifests in seconds. The hardened polymers used in shipping containers mean that transportation inspectors can bypass extensive checks for bacteria, insects and problematic pests. Additionally, the reusable nature of plastic packaging means that older units can be transferred from shipping routes to warehouse storage. Businesses can split plastic pallets between long-term storage and regional delivery personnel to cut down on supply costs.

Robinson Industries Inc. has been helping businesses realize these economic benefits since 1947. Contact us to consult with our sales staff about reusable container options.

Recycled Plastic in Shipping     

The increase in reusable plastic product sales within the shipping industry shows a trend toward sustainability. Wood crates that were used for decades to ship America's merchandise and consumer goods have been replaced by plastic pallets. Reusable plastic products eliminate some of the storage and shipping obstacles faced by warehouse personnel.

Reusable Transport Packaging     

Businesses that have had bad experiences with traditional pallets appreciate the benefits of reusable plastic pallets. The shipping industry has moved from wood to reusable plastic containers and pallets over the last decade to deal with rising shipping costs. These costs have begun to climb partly due to the fact that wood pallets lose their integrity quickly.

Reusable Plastic Bins     

There are plenty of shipping companies and retailers that have switched to reusable plastic bins and plastic pallets due to environmental concerns. These businesses understand that natural resources wasted on shipping materials will lead to higher prices for other raw materials. Any business that is skeptical about the value of plastic bins and containers should look at the average life of a wood crate before making a decision.

Assessing the Environmental and Economic Value of Reusable Pallets

The process of building a wood shipping container alone should encourage businesses to purchase reusable pallets and bins. These containers are built from slats of inexpensive wood placed within frames of hardwood. The major problem with wood containers arises when moisture, insects and debris enters minuscule gaps in the wood planks.

Wood crates deteriorate quickly when used for global shipping. The constant pressure of high payloads begins to damage the components of a wood container. Poor storage aboard planes and ships weakens the condition of wood bins, pallets and boxes even further. Warehouse personnel pick up crates quickly with forklifts without considering the damage caused in transit.

Many companies are moving away from wood packages because of concerns about recycling materials. The wood planks and frames from traditional pallets are often damaged beyond the point of recycling scraps for other projects. The short life of a wood shipping bins means that multiple containers will be purchased during the life of a single reusable plastic pallet.

Robinson Industries Inc. produces reusable pallets using thermoforming and injection molding processes. Contact us for more information on our pallet customization options.

Reusable Containers     

Warehouses benefit when they find ways to incorporate reusable containers into non-shipping operations. There are plastic pallets that need to be recycled due to changes in product dimensions and shipping needs. These containers are reusable outside of the warehouse environment to squeeze more value out of shipping pallet purchases.

Smaller companies, which are involved in pallet exchange programs, can acquire new reusable containers by exchanging pallets with larger corporations. The smaller partner in the pallet exchange can ship off multiple containers that are out of commission in a trade for a new container. The bigger company uses the recycled bins and crates for long-term storage in remote warehouses.

Avoid Wasted Resources with Reusable Containers

Your plastic containers will save you money with your shipping, but what happens to your investment when the product changes? There are many ways to use outdated plastic containers. These products can be shifted to meet specialty storage needs within a business. Businesses can transfer plastic pallets and bins to refrigerated storage units that have recently expanded. The remaining crates are reusable in the backrooms of retail outlets to help organize inventory. Warehouse managers should pick out reusable containers that still look good for use in retail storefronts. These plastic products help store clearance and discontinued items off the rack in favor of new merchandise.

The pallets, bins and containers manufactured by Robinson Industries Inc. can be reused for years. Contact our sales team to learn more about our unique vacuum forming and injection molding processes.

Returnable Plastic Pallets     

The current business climate is encouraging companies to move toward reusable shipping methods. Everyone needs to find savings to offset cost increases for fuel, labor and production materials. Reusable and returnable shipping containers can save companies significant money over the next few years.

Prevent Product Loss with Reusable Plastic Containers     

The shift to reusable shipping containers has been based on equal parts economics, product safety and storage logistics. Businesses that recycle shipping containers know that it is cost effective to use plastic containers instead of wood for international routes. The greater benefit of plastic containers and pallets to manufacturers is the elimination of common storage problems.

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