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Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging comes in many forms, and in many materials. What’s the best solution for your situation? The links below help offer guidance.

Custom Plastic Packaging     

The growth in custom plastic packaging orders by businesses has been spurred by concerns over supply and shipping costs. There are approximately two billion pallets used within the United States each year and plenty of empty containers are lost in transit. Businesses that want to keep their plastic packaging in the right hands can request different identification tools from designers.

Managing the Costs of Custom Plastic Packaging     

The costs of custom plastic packaging for businesses can be managed through design.  Many factors should be considered when designing plastic pallets and packaging.  For example, do you need a 4-way entry or a mirror-image pallet? How much weight does your pack need to hold?  Is it a dynamic or static load?  Shrewd businesses can perform studies, use the correct materials and look at the quickest production methods to cut costs on custom plastic packaging.

Structural Foam Plastic Pallets     

There have been rapid advancements in injection molding technology that allow greater customization by manufacturers. These advancements have allowed companies to speed up injection molding without sacrificing product quality during mass production. Managers and engineers who want to purchase plastic structural foam pallets should understand the process of injection molding.

Improve Supply Chains with Twin-Sheet Thermoforming    

Designing a quality twin-sheet or single-sheet thermoformed plastic pallet or container requires extensive expertise and experience. Pallet manufacturers hone these processes to achieve maximum weight capacity and strength while maintaining reasonable costs. Producers pass on these benefits to importers, exporters and other clients at the point of purchase. 

Judging Performance of Plastic Pallets     

Shippers judge the success of plastic pallets on the four criteria of pallet performance. These characteristics are used by machinists and designers to create pallets that will stand up to the test of time. Consumers that use polypropylene or polyethylene pallets should think about durability, stability, rigidity and strength when determining the values of their investments.

Thermoformed Packaging     

The strength of a thermoforming sheet used for shipping containers can be compromised in a number of ways. Sheets of plastic polymers are melted, formed, and cooled to produce sturdy pallets. It is important to start with a clean, high quality extruded plastic sheet to maximize strength and integrity.

Transitioning to Thermoformed Plastic Containers     

Any company that is switching to thermoformed packaging should allow some time for the transition process. Importers and exporters that move thousands of plastic pallets each month cannot flip the switch to thermoformed packaging overnight, but most find that the transition is quite easy with a little advance planning. There are several steps that shippers can take to facilitate the shift to plastic pallets from traditional wood crates.

Every business that is researching thermoformed packaging needs to acquire pallets and containers for different needs. It is unwise to purchase one type of pallet to meet diverse shipping and storage needs. The transition process is made easier when companies acquire bins, pallets and containers with various dimensions that perfectly match their requirements.

Transition New Thermoformed Packaging into Shipping Operations

The next step in the container transition process involves prioritizing traditional and thermoformed packaging. Older pallets and containers should be sent on local runs until the full order of plastic products has arrived. Every plastic pallet that arrives in a warehouse should be scanned, filled and sent out for continental and international shipments.

Most wood and old plastic packaging should arrive back at a company's warehouse in a matter of weeks. These containers should be decommissioned within the warehouse as their replacements have been sent out on regular shipping runs. Retired packaging can be used as temporary storage, retail displays and organizational tools for warehouse supplies.

Robinson Industries Inc. uses polyethylene and other polymers to create plastic pallets. To learn more, contact our sales team.

Sustainable Plastic Packaging     

Returnable plastic pallets should be a major component in any company’s sustainability program. Many businesses look at material recycling and smarter shipping processes to ensure sustainability in the future. The returnable plastic pallet can be the main asset for any company looking to decrease environmental impact.

Recycled Plastic in Shipping     

The increase in reusable plastic product sales within the shipping industry shows a trend toward sustainability. Wood crates that were used for decades to ship America's merchandise and consumer goods have been replaced by plastic pallets. Reusable plastic products eliminate some of the storage and shipping obstacles faced by warehouse personnel.

Versatile Thermoformed Plastic Containers

Retailers use polypropylene and polyethylene containers for shipping products throughout the world. Most of these containers are created through thermoforming processes or by injection molding. The uniform distribution of weight on containers used for shipping ensures product safety from warehouse to storefront.

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