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All too frequently, dunnage and packaging is an area where people try to make do with something that exists — which only creates more inefficiencies. Cost-effective dunnage and packaging begins at the design stage — creating a solution specific to the product and application. Use the links below for our thoughts on the topic.

Injection Molded Packaging Design and the Distribution Channel

The design phase of engineering new packaging is the perfect time to consider not only the needs of the shipper, but also the needs of their retail outlets and warehouses.  Companies should look at carrying capacity, identification features, warehouse and retail space limitations, and cost when working with pallet manufacturers. The preferences of store managers, warehouse personnel and delivery workers must be considered during injection mold designing.

Design For Injection Molding     

Entrepreneurs and pallet manufacturers work together closely to develop designs for injection molding. Most businesses look at the cost of materials and the size of pallets when creating designs for injection molding. There are deeper considerations during the injection mold designing process that can add value to pallets and containers.

Vacuum Formed Pallets Improve Safety   

The procurement of plastic pallets created through thermoforming design improves product safety at all points on the supply chain. Sturdier containers that maintain their integrity in adverse conditions have supplanted wood crates and pallets. The thermoforming design and production process gives plastic pallets the characteristics needed for different shipping requirements.

Vacuum Formed Pallets Streamline Production    

Manufacturers have streamlined the production of storage containers with the creation of vacuum formed pallets. These containers are created through a simple process involving a thin layer of heated plastic held against a mold. This production method decreases the costs of packaging while creating durable, sustainable pallets for export shipments.

Plastic Packaging Design     

There are few consumer products that are packed without accompanying materials. Most electronics and auto parts are coupled with accessories and instructions that increase the size of product boxes. These materials need to be considered when packaging is designed for shipping.

Containers For Shipping: Today and Tomorrow  

When making decisions about packaging, one of the first things a business needs to know is how many products will be shipped in a container. This simple fact is often complicated by economic fluctuations, logistical issues and slow production. Companies need to procure shipping containers and packaging materials to meet their future demands as well as to meet their current needs.

Importance of Quality Packaging Design     

The relationship between a business and a plastic pallet manufacturer depends greatly on clear communication. The business that contracts a plastic pallet manufacturer for new containers needs to be clear on customization options. The manufacturer needs to maintain transparency when describing its production and quality control processes to clients.

Packaging Options for Safe Product Delivery

Many products such as computers, televisions and car engines are shipped in packaging materials to withstand jostling during domestic and international shipments. These products could easily be damaged before arriving at their destinations if they were left on open pallets. Each worker involved in packaging and shipping needs to be trained to take proper care when handling items for shipment.

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