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Many automotive components being shipped to assembly plants are 100% machined parts with gasket surfaces. Shipping these components in standard plastic containers can result in wear marks and small shavings from shifting during transport. These shavings can get trapped within the part and can cause major issues during assembly.

Urethane details are strategically placed within the plastic dunnage tray in areas that are susceptible to part movement which can cause plastic shaving. Robinson Industries offers urethane inserts in standard shapes or can be customized to your unique specifications. 

Urethanes Top

Urethanes Bottom

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Pigeonhole Packs

Pigeonhole Packs are designed primarily for automotive components and are used to solve handling issues – both manual and forklift.


  • No tray handling required – parts are pulled directly from the container
  • Save space on the production line by eliminating the need for a container to capture empty dunnage
  • Excellent choice for handling intake manifolds and other parts such as oil pans

The Roll-Up Pigeon Pack works like a horizontal window shade. Simply slide the curtain covering off and remove the parts without handling or packaging at all. The Roll-Up design is advantageous to operators and forklift drivers because an empty pack is obvious: the curtain is “up” and ready to be returned to the supplier. A pack with the curtain “down” means it’s a loaded pack going to the line.

Size: 45” x 48”
Material: High Density Polyethylene (pallet, lid and structure); vinyl (curtain)

*Custom sizes available up to 5’ x 12’

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Head Trays

Robinson Industries has designed many unique structural foam trays that are used to transport heads for engines. Each style has its own unique advantages.

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Here are a handful of examples:

Challenge #1

Challenge: High shipping costs

Solution: We recommended nestable trays for return shipping to maximize parts per truck and keep shipping costs down.

Challenge #2

Challenge: Ensure part cleanliness

Solution: We developed a pack with full walls to keep out physical contaminates.

Challenge #3

Challenge: Needed to be able to easily see if a pack was empty or full

Solution: We designed an option with open sides so the operator could easily identify full pallets.

Challenge #4

Challenge: Maximize part protection during shipment and assembly 

Solution: Urethane details were strategically installed within the pack to protect the most critical areas of the head preventing the sharp edges of the machined part from cutting into the plastic tray.



Divider Layer or Head Tray 1

Post Style or Head Tray 2

Fully Enclosed or Head Tray 3

Nestable Yes No No
Weight transferred through part Yes No No
Urethanes No Optional Yes
Fully enclosed sides No No Yes
Full/empty pack identifiable Yes Yes No
Color Any Any Any

AIAG Wheel Trays

Wheel trays hold automotive wheel parts for secure shipping. Depending on the size, they can hold different numbers of wheels per layer. 

Each size has the same configuration from the ground up:

  • PC 10000 Pallet (54” x 45” | 32 pounds)
  • Starter tray (14.75 pounds each)
  • Multiple trays loaded with parts
  • Lid (19.95 pounds)

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Sizing options:

Tray Size Wheels per Layer Layer per Pack
13, 14, 15, 16 inches 6 Wheels 5 Layers
17, 18 inches 5 Wheels 5 Layers
19, 20, 21 inches 5 Wheels 5 Layers