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Custom thermoforming for specialized needs

Because of its versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, custom thermoforming is the preferred process for manufacturing reusable plastic packaging and many small- to large-scale plastic parts.

In thermoforming, we heat a plastic sheet extrusion to its forming temperature and place it over a metal mold. The sheet is held against the molding surface by vacuum pressure until it cools. Vacuum thermoforming provides excellent detail in a strong and lightweight form.

At Robinson Industries we extrude our own plastic sheet in-house. So we have complete control over your product — ensuring not only the perfect compound for your project, but also the highest quality and consistency. We operate 20 thermoforming machines with the capability to produce single or twin sheet parts from one square inch up to 10 by 28 feet.

Do you have a special need? Contact your design professionals at Robinson Industries, and we’ll come up with the solution you need.

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