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Custom plastic injection molding

Injection molding offers virtually unlimited possibilities in precision reproduction of plastic components.

During the injection molding process, granular thermoplastic is melted — and often blended to specific formulations for the product — and forced into a two-part metal mold. Once the part is sufficiently solid, the mold opens and the part is ejected.

Injection molding is also used to produce structural foam parts. When the plastic fills the mold, the material in contact with the mold surface forms a solid “skin.” An inert gas foaming agent is blown into the mold, which turns the core of the part into a cellular foam.

Robinson Industries molds a variety of engineering-grade thermoplastics and structural foam in both low- and high-pressure molds. Most of our work in this area is related to packaging. We are also perfectly equipped to handle small-, medium- and large-production runs of nearly any kind of injection-molded part — up to 12 by 5 feet.

Our structural foam injection molding capabilities include up to 190 pounds of structural foam per cycle.

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