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Plastic Pallets for Marine Parts

Robinson Industries was a pioneer in developing lighter, more durable and more efficient ways to ship and store automotive components. Expanding from land transportation to watercraft was a natural extension.

Today, Robinson Industries makes plastic pallets, crates, bins and other containers for some of the major players in the marine industry — from trays for engine components to large pallets for assembled motors.

Marine manufacturers rely on plastic pallets because they:

  • Are impervious to oils, greases and most solvents
  • Are easy to clean
  • Are lighter in weight than wood, making them more fuel-efficient to ship
  • Don’t harbor pests or bacteria, making them safer for global shipping
  • Can be custom designed to offer support for delicate or heavy parts or assemblies
  • Can be developed with integral dividers, lids or restraining straps

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Robinson Industries can provide the plastic packaging that’s perfect for your marine component or assembly. Contact us so we can get started.