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Consumer products

Containing spills, storing products, organizing home, shop or office — Robinson Industries makes a variety of products that can help.

The most versatile is the Toughbuoy™ Tray, a 24" by 36" polyethylene tray with a 1½" lip. Because it's made with a low density polyethylene, it doesn't easily crack. Originally made as a vehicle drip pan, it’s been used:

  • as a pan to protect floors from wet and muddy boots
  • under cat litter boxes and pet food and water dishes
  • under snowblowers to catch melting snow and prevent wheels from freezing to pavement
  • as a drip pan under houseplants
  • under outdoor grills 
  • for messy projects such as painting or crafts

Robinson Industries also makes a variety of plastic bins and storage containers that can be adapted to consumer use — and can work with you to design the product you need. Have an idea? Let’s make it happen. Contact us to get started.

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