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Protect EV Batteries with Reusable Packaging

Batteries powering electric and hybrid vehicles are hazardous and need to be packaged and transported in containers that protect from damage and follow regulatory requirements. Our experience can help you develop packaging that safeguards your batteries from shorts, corrosion and overall damage.

Our structural foam and thermoformed returnable packaging streamlines efficiency and improves your bottom line. They also enhance stability and prevent movement, making them especially useful for volatile lithium-ion batteries.

Robinson Industries’ reusable plastic containers are:

  • Non-conductive
  • Unaffected by moisture and humidity
  • Designed to contain spills
  • Resistant to many corrosive chemicals
  • Easy to clean
  • Developed with integral dividers, lids and restraining straps
  • Specifically designed for weight transfer requirements

Trust your EV batteries transportation to the industry expert. Contact us to get started.

Recyclable Battery Post Tray

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