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Design and engineering: A step toward success.

The success or failure of a product starts at the drawing board. Whether it’s a key component in a product or a container in which products are shipped, the design and engineering details will make it or break it.

With every step of the process done in-house at Robinson Industries, you get an experienced team that communicates effectively — so your design and prototyping groups get going efficiently, fast and accurately.

That team is familiar with not only the properties of the plastics and the capabilities of the equipment we use; they have years of experience in the unique packing and shipping needs of a wide variety of industries.

Molds and patterns come from our affiliated foundry and machine shop where molds are cast and tooled for custom and mass production of plastic parts in the thermoforming process. Injection molding tools are precision cut on CNC mills for accuracy and repeatability.

Using an affiliated tooling shop helps Robinson Industries maintain quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process and pass on additional cost savings in the form of lower tooling costs.

Want to know more about our engineering and tooling capabilities? Contact us to discuss your needs.

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