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Because of its versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, custom thermoforming is the preferred process for manufacturing reusable plastic packaging and many small- to large-scale plastic parts.

In thermoforming, we heat a plastic sheet extrusion to its forming temperature and place it over a cast aluminum mold. The sheet is held against the molding surface by vacuum pressure until it cools. Vacuum thermoforming provides excellent detail in a strong and lightweight form.

We operate 17 thermoforming machines with the capability to produce single or twin sheet parts from one square inch up to 10 x 28 feet.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection molding offers virtually unlimited possibilities in precision reproduction of plastic components. During the injection molding process, granular thermoplastic is melted — and often blended to specific formulations for the product — and forced into a two-part metal mold. Once the part is sufficiently solid, the mold opens and the part is ejected.

Injection molding is also used to produce structural foam parts. When the plastic fills the mold, the material in contact with the mold surface forms a solid “skin.” An inert gas foaming agent is blown into the mold, which turns the core of the part into a cellular foam.

Robinson Industries molds a variety of engineering-grade thermoplastics and structural foam in both low- and high-pressure molds. Most of our work in this area is related to packaging. We are also perfectly equipped to handle small-, medium- and large-production runs of nearly any kind of injection-molded part — up to 12 x 5 feet.

Our structural foam injection molding capabilities include up to 190 pounds of structural foam per cycle.


With every step of the process done in-house at Robinson Industries, you get an experienced team that communicates effectively — so your design and prototyping groups get going efficiently, fast and accurately.

We manage the entire process, from design to delivery, for maximum efficiency and economy. We’ll take your concept and:

  • Design and engineer it
  • Make the patterns
  • Prototype the tool
  • Cast and machine the tools
  • Produce it

Even with our diverse capabilities in thermoforming, injection molding, reusable packaging and structural foam products, it’s our attention to detail that makes great solutions — and great opportunities — happen.


Sheet Extrusion

At Robinson Industries we extrude our own plastic sheet in-house. Because we have complete control over your product we can ensure not only the perfect compound for your project, but also the highest quality and consistency.


We recycle all excess plastic created through our manufacturing process. We also obtain materials for reprocessing in two additional ways: returned trays from customers to use in their future jobs and by purchasing it on the open market.

Before grinding can begin, materials obtained from outside sources are tested to ensure they contain the correct properties and are clean. Once they’ve been deemed acceptable, they’re ground and used to form sheets that will ultimately become new parts.



Custom designed thermoformed and injection-molded pallets and packaging.

If your challenge requires a thermoformed or injection-molded solution, we can handle it.

Our specialty is tough, long-lasting and reusable plastic packaging, and we can create it in every shape and configuration imaginable. We have a wide variety of economical standard plastic pallets to choose from, but our greatest strength is our ability to custom design a solution for you. We can help provide maximum safety for your product during transport and eliminate hidden costs such as pre-assembly and waste disposal. In our company’s history, we’ve made everything from refrigerator liners to canoes – so we’re up to whatever challenge your opportunity presents.

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